Immediate Openings:

Medication Management for children 6+, teens and adults
Psychotherapy for children 0-12, teens, young adults, adults, parent coaching, couples and families

We Offer:

Individual Psychotherapy

For adults, teens, children, infants and young children – whatever your mental health needs are, you will feel better here.

ADHD Assessment


Parenting Support

Let us help you acquire and implement the best parenting skills for YOUR kids

Kendal Clinic

The Kendal Clinic is a mental wellness practice that is a little different. We are committed to crafting a solution that is perfect for you and your family. We give our patients our attention, our hearts and our knowledge and expertise in an ever-changing formula that is as unique as each one of our clients.

We are committed to helping infants, children, teens, adults, and families thrive in today’s difficult world. We believe that looking at each individual in isolation is overly simplistic and does not allow us to treat the entire family system, which is where most conflict and pain originates. As holistic and systemic therapists, we treat both the individual AND the systems in which they function. We truly believe that there are no “bad” people – only complex systems that need healing and hope.


Whether it is:

  • evidence-based psychotherapy
  • attentive and precise medication management
  • cutting edge genetic testing
  • intensive coaching programs
  • serene nature-inspired therapeutic walks
  • home-based treatments
  • in-depth psychological testing
  • latest evidence-driven technologies

you will find it all here, at the Kendal Clinic.

Our professionals collaborate not only with each other, but also with all your outside providers, from teachers to physicians to other therapists – all with one goal: to bring you and your family the best formula for growth and mental well-being.

When you enter our beautiful lake-front office, you will notice that we are centered on making your experience easy, comfortable, and effective. Our new client procedures are streamlined to prevent overwhelm, and our billing systems are precise and hassle-free to take guesswork out of paying for therapy. Most importantly, our therapeutic outcomes are some of the most trusted in Michigan. And, of course, with all the recent chaos and upheaval in our lives, we have also perfected the art of virtual counseling and medication management for those patients who prefer to access our services remotely.

We know that one of the most frustrating industry-wide barriers to treatment is clinician attrition, especially for children and teens who truly attach to their therapist. We strive to be the best place for any clinician to call home, which leads to some of the best provider retention rates in the industry. Each of your therapists or prescribers is a uniquely trained specialist, and their highest functioning leads to the best therapeutic outcomes for all. Our office is collegial, friendly, and happy. You will be amazed to hear laughter and chatter, both inside therapy rooms and outside of them. We encourage each clinician to maintain a healthy balance of work, family responsibility, self-care, and fun. We provide many opportunities for continued learning, growth, collaboration with other clinicians, and create opportunities for everyone to seek continued self and company improvement. Everyone has a voice here, and no one is afraid to use it!

Come and experience the Kendal Clinic for yourself.

Our Administrative Staff

Back row from left to right: Leslee Caplan, Billing Coordinator; Latoya Inge, Medical Assistant
Sitting on the couch from left to right:
Stefanie Owen, Front Desk; Yolande Glazier, Details Director