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If you are a mental health provider, we greatly appreciate your referrals. We provide services for patients of all ages, and chances are, we have someone on our staff who has a unique specialty your patient is looking for. We encourage you to browse our staff bio's and to contact our Clinical Director, Dr. Natasha Kendal, with any referral questions you may have at Please have your patient fill out our Request for Services form which is found on our website under the "New Patient Inquiry" tab.

Our practice provides both psychotherapy and medication management, and your client is able to access one type of service without having to automatically use the other types. For instance, if you are referring your patient for medication management, they may continue seeing you for therapy; if you are referring a patient for psychotherapy, they may continue receiving medication management services through your practice. We value cooperative and collaborative relationships with our colleagues in the community, and we always encourage our patients to sign Release of Information forms to allow conversations regarding coordination of care.

The Kendal Clinic is a unique place to work. Read our vision statement to experience our vision for yourself. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please click on one of the following: