New in 2020: Tele-Therapy!

by | Dec 26, 2019

New in 2020: Tele-Therapy!

Guest Blogger   | December 2019

Convenience, Comfort, Connection

We have a fantastic announcement to make at Natasha Kendal and Associates! As of early 2020, we have added  tele-therapy to our traditional face-to-face modality of therapy!

Skeptical? Consider this:

1. It’s convenient! Don’t fight traffic, don’t worry about getting to the session on time- just sit in your couch in the comfort of your own home.

2. It’s private and HIPAA compliant. The phone call is secure,  and you can feel safe knowing it’s as private as sitting in an in-person session.

3. It decreases anxiety for clients who are prone to getting anxiety in social situations.

4. If you travel on business or for pleasure, if you spend winters away (lucky!), if you are a college student, if you are home with a sick child – your therapist is available to you in your own living room!

Want to know more? Psychology Today wrote a great article detailing 14 reasons why tele-therapy is a good choice. Read the article HERE.

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