Goal-Setting for the New Year

by | Dec 26, 2019

Goal-Setting for the New Year

Happy New Year!

Not only are we into a new year, we have entered a whole new decade. If you are at all similar to me, when I stop and think about what has occurred in my life over the last 10 years, I feel like a whole lifetime has gone by. I would like to challenge you to take a moment to consider all the changes that have taken place in YOUR life. Are these changes desirable or undesirable? A result of your plans and actions or outside of your control?

As we enter this new decade, it’s important to take stock of how far we’ve come, and give yourself credit for successes and accomplishments in the last year and decade. It is also time to dream a little about where you want to see yourselves a the end of 2029. Research shows that those who write down their goals and dreams in vivid detail, have a much better chance of achieving them.  Several years ago, my friends talked me into a “vision board” exercise. Basically, your task is to look through hundreds of images and choose those that really speak to you – and create a piece of art (a board) with all of those images on it.

I was skeptical (to be fair, I am usually skeptical of adult arts and crafts projects), but my vision board came out great. And here is a truly awesome thing – every now and again I see my board again, and I am struck anew by the beautiful and meaningful imagery I chose – from hand-made quilts (my mom and I are quilters), to a couple playing tennis (like I do twice a week), to endless serene outdoor images – my vision board re-energizes me to keep reaching for my goals. I challenge you to arm yourself with magazines, a Bristol board, some friends and a bottle of a beverage of your choice – and create something beautiful and meaningful.

We’ve included a low-impact, downloadable vision board in this blog (ABOVE) for anyone who wants to try one!

The flip side of planning a future is letting go of the past – what do YOU need to let go of?What relationships are toxic and causing you emotional or psychological harm? What do you need to create space for? Who do you need to forgive, to unload some bitterness and anger? Who do you need to seek forgiveness from?

May this year bring you all the hope and love that you need. Happy New year!

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By: Hillary Nusbaum and Natasha Kendal

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