Why I Think Summer is a great time to engage in Psychotherapy

by | May 8, 2019

Why I Think Summer is a great time to engage in Psychotherapy

As many of us are wrapping up our school year, our thoughts naturally turn to endless warm summer days, family trips, in-scheduled afternoons, and ice cream trucks (ok, maybe the last one is just me). However, I want to propose a somewhat unorthodox use of our children’s summer months – psychotherapy. Here is a short list of reasons why summer is a great time to help kids identity their mental health and social issues and take concrete steps to remedy them through child therapy:

1. Everyone is breathing a little easier in the summer – there is no homework, some sports/hobbies/recreational programs are done and days are longer and more enjoyable. Kids have more time and space to think, talk, try on new skills, and process – all crucial to the success of therapy.

2. Our clinicians’ schedules are more open and flexible – you will be able to see your favorite therapist twice a week in the summer, whether in our Bloomfield Hills office on in your home with our home-based program.

3. Kids and parents can try something new without undue pressure of school and homework. This might be a new approach to something, a new routine or schedule, or even a new mediation or supplement. It is crucial to give kids an opportunity to practice the new thoughts and skills that are discussed in therapy, and coming in more regularly will give them ample time to do so.

4. There is more leisure and opportunity to practice social skills and newly developing emotional regulation with friends at camps, by the pool, or at home – without the feeling that permanent damage is being potentially done to the long-term relationships with school friends.

If I convinced you to give summer therapy a try – please call our front desk to schedule your intake session today at 248-536-4641 or email me at kendal@drkendalandassociates.com to discuss your options.

Our Bloomfield Hills office (kendalclinic.com) accepts new patients with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network and out of network insurances, and has daytime openings.

Our home based program, Your Parenting Coach (www.yourparentingcoachmi.com) has daytime, evening and weekend openings for parent coaching for summer and beyond.

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