Individual Adolescent Therapy

Teens are tough psychotherapy customers. They have a lot to process, but trusting a strange adult is difficult for them. Our therapists go out of their way to ensure that they have a warm working relationship with each teen. We stock special teen-appropriate therapy games and toys and have some art-based tricks up our sleeves, as well. We have gorgeous outdoor treatment areas for those patients who find comfort in nature. We include the parent in treatment every step of the way in a manner that will be appropriate for your child’s age and stage. Additionally, we will work closely with teachers and other providers (pediatricians, psychiatrists, tutors) in order to ensure that our treatment plan is consistent with their desired outcomes for your teen.

Some of the most common issues in kids we treat are:

  • anxiety, fears and OCD
  • attention, concentration, ADHD and executive functioning issues
  • depression, grief, self-harm and negative mood
  • use of substances
  • adjustment to life events, such as divorce or a new school
  • past trauma and PTSD
  • depression, grief and negative mood
  • difficulty making and keeping friends
  • difficulties at school