Parenting Support

Being a parent or a step-parent is a difficult and often thankless task. Many people expect to simply know what their children need, and find themselves baffled by their kids’ tempter tantrums, fears, mood swings and misbehavior. We are here to help. Our parenting experts will help you learn about your specific child, his or her unique needs, abilities and disabilities and will help you acquire and implement parenting skills that will work for YOUR family.

Some of the most common types of parenting support we offer are:

  • referrals to professionals for psychiatric or psychological evaluation and treatment planning based on the results
  • school match service – finding the perfect local school for your child or teen
  • helping co-parents, whether married or divorced, get on the same page with parenting
  • understanding ages, stages, developmental abilities and disabilities and tailoring your parenting to your child
  • school consultations
  • understanding yourself and your co-parent and how your personality, strengths, family background and mental health impact parenting and your children
  • ideas, support and accountability in implementing best family practices – rules, allowances, chores, family meetings and many others.