Therapy Services

Marital & Premarital Counseling

Please know that we respect your wish for safety and convenience, and we offer all therapy services via a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform, if that is what you prefer.

Research shows that those who attend premarital counseling were better off than 80% of couples who decided against counseling

(Carlson et al., 2012).

Also, couples who attend therapy after they are married report increased satisfaction, communication skills, and reduction of negative conflict .

(Hicks et al., 2004)

The Kendal Clinic is committed to serving couples who are in the process of getting ready for marriage with outstanding evidence-based premarital resources.

Our Premarital education consists of five 90-minute sessions with the engaged couple and two marriage counselors. Each session will revolve around a common premarital issue (e.g. communication, money, intimacy), but will be ultimately tailored to each couple and their needs.

Cost of the program: $1997

Optional parenting or step-parenting module will discuss common pitfalls of blending families, and will consist of two 90 minute sessions. Additional cost: $750

Additional 90 minute sessions (if needed): $275

What is included:

Your sessions will be led by two marriage counselors and will include administration and scoring of Prepare/Enrich, a “gold standard” tool of assessing couples.

Your therapists:

This program is led by Amanda Polk, LMSW and Dakarai Rogers, LLMFT.

Please note that premarital education is not a medical condition, and as such it is not covered by medical insurance. We are committed to making this program accessible to everyone, so please inquire about reduced fees, if needed.

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Hicks, M., McWey, L., Benson, K., & West, S. (2004). Using What Premarital Couples Already Know to Inform Marriage Education: Integration of a Gottman Model Perspective. Contemporary Family Therapy26(1), 97–113. doi: 10.1023/B:COFT.0000016915.27368.0b”