Individual Child Therapy

Seeking psychotherapy services for your child is a big decision. We take this responsibility very seriously and will include you in treatment every step of the way in a manner that will be appropriate for your child’s age and stage. We have a room full of therapeutic toys and games, and each child is encouraged to adopt a live plant in our office to encourage personal connection to our space and to promote responsibility for another live being. Our waiting room is fully equipped with wi-fi, coffee, a homework station and an art area for parents and siblings to wait comfortably. Additionally, we will work closely with teachers and other providers (pediatricians, psychiatrists, tutors) in order to ensure that our treatment plan is consistent with their desired outcomes for your child.

Some of the most common issues in kids we treat are:

  • anxiety and fears, such as tantrums at school drop off
  • attention and concentration issues
  • depression, grief and negative mood
  • past trauma and PTSD
  • anger, aggression (hitting, yelling, biting) and acting out
  • sibling rivalry and lack of family connection
  • depression, grief and negative mood
  • inconsistent parenting and lack of agreement between co-parents
  • whining and lack of cooperation, such as during the morning rush
  • difficulty making and keeping friends
  • adjustment to new events, such as divorce, a new sibling or a new school
  • difficulties at school