Individual Adult Therapy

We welcome adults of all ages into our practice. You will find a comfortable, beautiful and peaceful environment here. You will be offered a cup of tea, a listening ear and a cozy nature-filled space. If you find movement helps you think and talk, you are welcome to take a walk with your therapist around our very own lake. If talking alone is not an easy way for you to process your thoughts and feelings, we will offer you art-based therapeutic interventions. Whatever your needs are – you will feel better here.

Some of the most common issues in adults that we treat are:

  • anxiety disorders of all kinds
  • depression and grief
  • adult ADHD
  • past trauma and PTSD
  • life stage adjustment – loss of spouse or job, divorce, transition
  • parenting and marriage concerns
  • goals setting and accountability for high-achieving individuals who are interested in positive psychology and living their fullest thriving lives.