Individual Therapy
Adult Therapy
Medication Management

Infant and Young Child

Some people are surprised to find out that infants and young children have mental health needs. Our Early Childhood Specialist, Molly McMahon is passionate about helping infants, young children (0-6 years old) and their parents. Molly helps parents and care-givers understand and improve babies’ and children’s physical and mental health, and strengthen the attachment bonds that ensure healthy lifelong development. Read more about infant mental health here and about healthy attachment here.

Individual Child

Seeking psychotherapy services for your child is a big decision. We take this responsibility very seriously and will include you in treatment every step of the way in a manner that will be appropriate for your child’s age and stage.

Individual Adolescent

Teens are tough psychotherapy customers. They have a lot to process, but trusting a strange adult is difficult for them. Our therapists go out of their way to ensure that they have a warm working relationship with each teen.

Ongoing Mental Health Services

We welcome adults of all ages into our practice. You will find a comfortable, beautiful and peaceful environment here.

Intensive Reset

This three-part intensive program is designed for individuals, couples and families who feel stuck in their current life or ongoing psychotherapy.

Parenting Support

Being a parent or a step-parent is a difficult and often thankless task. Many people expect to simply know what their children need, and find themselves baffled by their kids’ tempter tantrums, fears, mood swings and misbehavior. We are here to help.

Medication Management:

Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Joseph Montgomery and Deirdre Denholm provide evaluation and treatment of mental health conditions in a holistic and person-centered model, and prescribes and monitors psychotropic medications, if appropriate, for patients 16 years old and older. Additionally, Joseph administers and interprets GeneSight, a non-invasive pharmacogenomic test that analyzes how your genes may affect effectiveness of the prescribed medication. Since everyone’s DNA is unique, GeneSight is a valuable tool for clinicians to predict how YOU react to medication for anxiety, depression, ADHD and other psychiatric conditions. Read more about this amazing test here:

Spravato Treatment:

Spravato is a FDA-approved prescription medication for adults that is used to treat patients with depression and suicidal ideation who do not respond well to other antidepressant medications.